How to look after your braces

When your braces have been fitted, you must keep up regular cleaning – in fact it’s more important than ever,
as braces give food extra places to get stuck, which can lead to decay and gum disease. 

Follow these tips to keep your teeth clean and healthy throughout the treatment.

Cleaning your teeth with braces

Brush above braces

Using a regular or electric toothbrush, clean above your braces and along the gum line.

Brush along the braces

Using the same toothbrush, brush along the braces to clean them and remove particles of food.

Brush Below Braces

Brush below braces

When you brush over the braces, they may keep the toothbrush bristles off your teeth, so make sure you treat each section carefully.

Brush Lingual Surface

Brush lingual surface

Make sure that the inner and edges of your teeth are also carefully cleaned, not just the outer surface.

Brush Lower Incisors

Brush lower incisors

Repeat the process for your lower teeth. Remember treat each section separately to make sure you're cleaning thoroughly (above braces, over braces, below, edges, and inners)

Interproximal Brush

Interproximal brush

This is a special type of brush that allows you to clean between your teeth behind your braces.


Regular flossing

If your teeth aren't too closely positioned, you may be able to carefully thread regular floss to remove food and plaque.

Poor Oral Hygiene With Braces

Poor oral hygiene

Without carefully brushing your teeth at least twice a day (ideally after each meal) and flossing between your teeth, gum disease and decay may occur.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Gum disease

When your braces are removed your teeth will be straight, but you won't have the smile you've been waiting for, and your teeth may be permanently damaged.

Other hints and tips

1. Should I take medications?

We recommend that you take medication to help you during the initial transition stage. Everyone is different, so do what is best for you. Your preferred medication is fine e.g. Panadol or Nurofen or a combination of both, depending on what you would normally take. If you feel necessary, you can continue the medication for the next day or so.

2. Avoid hard, sticky or chewy foods.

Foods such as nuts, popcorn, ice, hard biscuits and lollies like minties or red skins can break your braces.

3. Avoid foods and drinks that have high sugar content.

Sugar contributes to sticky plaque that is hard to remove.

4. Cut up foods into bite sized pieces.

You can still have food like apples, carrots and steak. You will need to cut them into bite sized pieces and chew them with your back teeth.

5. Brush your teeth 3 times a day.

Oral hygiene is extremely important, remember to brush with a soft touch and clean every surface.

6. Floss your teeth every day.

Use the Floss Fish to assist you in flossing your teeth once a day. We recommend that you floss at night time after you’ve had dinner.

7. Attend your appointments on time.

If you are running late please give us a call so we can reschedule you as needed.

8. Continue regular dental check-ups and cleans.

We recommend that you see your general dentist for check ups and cleans every 6 months.

9. Wear a mouth guard when playing any contact sports.

We have special mouthguards that fit over your braces!

10. Call our practice if you have a breakage.

Refer to the image below to get to know your braces.

11. For any questions don’t hesitate to call us.

Get to know your braces

Knowing the names and the functions of the parts of your braces can make it easier when talking to or asking your orthodontist questions, and can make it easier for you to take care of your braces as well.

If you’re ever not sure, remember your friendly orthodontist will be happy to explain.

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