What you need to know

Your local Orthodontist will be able to answer all of your questions, and explain all of your options, but sometimes it’s good to know a bit about your own treatment before you come along for your free consultation.


Which braces are best for you

Conventional Braces? Coloured Braces? Lingual Braces? Ceramic Braces? Clear Aligners? Each has their own benefit - click to find out more.

How do we place your braces

What actually happens in the first fitting? It's a lot quicker and easier than you may think, let's run through it now...

How to look after your braces

You're on your way to a beautiful smile, but there are some important rules you'll need to follow to get there as quickly as possible.


How braces are removed

Now your teeth are beautifully straight, it's time for the braces to come off.


The biggest change in the industry for years is here. What is it, and will it work for you?


More questions? We've got the answers.