Upper teeth a long way forwards with compromised adult first molars

Initial Records

The upper teeth are jaw are a long way forwards compared to the lower teeth and jaw in this growing patient – we call this a Class II dental and skeletal relationship.  All 4 of her adult first molar teeth were compromised due to hypomineralisation / hypoplasia.  If you treat patients during the growth spurt you can improve the Class II dental relationship by camouflage.  You can’t easily change the Class II skeletal relationship (except with jaw surgery).  The 4 adult first molar teeth were removed as the wisdom teeth are forming and, if we leave the first molar teeth they will need a lot of dental treatment in the future.

Progress Records

The space from the removal of the adult first molar teeth is almost completely closed and the patient has been wearing elastics (rubber bands) with her braces to aid in the correction of the Class II bite.

Note on the OPG X-ray that the wisdom teeth have drifted forwards and will be straightened also before the braces are removed.

Final Records

Braces have been removed.  The patient is wearing a clear plastic removable upper retainer and a fixed lingual wire lower retainer.  The wisdom teeth have erupted and are useful teeth.