Jaw surgery

Pre Treatment

The adult first molar teeth were removed due to hypoplasia / hypocalcification at 9 years of age. 

No active orthodontic treatment was undertaken as it was not going to be possible to move the upper jaw forwards 
enough so that it would sit in front of the lower jaw. In these situations, the only way to achieve the correct positioning
of the jaws is to surgically reposition them and this is normally undertaken when most of the jaw growth is finished.

Braces were placed at 15 years of age to place the teeth in their correct positions on the jaw bones. 

This often results in the teeth looking worse prior to jaw surgery. Then the jaws were surgical repositioned by moving the upper
jaw forwards and the lower jaw backwards.

Pre Surgery

Braces are in place for the duration of the treatment which is generally 18 to 24 months.

Jaw surgery was undertaken at 15 months and the braces remain on to assist with surgery.

Post Surgery

There is generally a 6 week period after surgery where the Oral & MaxilloFacial Surgeon (the individual who undertakes the jaw surgery) looks after the patient. After this 6 week period the orthodontist again takes over treatment.

These photos are at that 6 week appointment when the surgical wires and removed and the teeth and gums cleaned.

The braces remain on generally for another 6 months at least to ensure stability of the surgical result.

Post Treatment

A great day. The day the braces were removed!

The teeth and gums were cleaned and retainers placed with the upper a clear plastic removable retainer and the lower a wire retainer fixed to the lingual (tongue) surface of each of the lower anterior teeth.