Stained crooked teeth

Initial Records

This 12 years old girl has crooked teeth with staining and tooth structure loss (hypomineralisation and hypoplasia) to her incisor teeth that are uncomfortable and unsightly.  Her adult first molar teeth were similarly and severely affected and had been removed when she was 8 years old as they were very sensitive and their removal would help overcome the crowding present.  Braces were used to straighten the teeth.

Progress Records

After the teeth were straightened tooth bleaching (whitening) was done using an at home whitening kit and the upper and lower clear plastic removable retainers as whitening trays.  The aim of the whitening was to get the teeth the shade / colour desired prior to adding filling material to improve the shape of the upper front teeth.

Final Records

Filling material has been added to the front teeth to improve the colour and shape of these teeth.