Invisalign for a 12 year old

Initial Records

This 12 year old boy with upper teeth more forwards than we see on average when compared to the lower teeth (a Class II bite) and moderate crowding of the teeth was treated using invisalign along with elastics (rubber bands) to correct the Class II bite.

Case Refinement

At the end of the first series of aligners.  There were 26 in the series and the patient changed the aligners every week so this first series tooth 6 months.  Elastic wear was very good which is critical to correct this Class II bite.  At this stage new photos and an intra-oral scan was taken to make another series of aligners.  The patient wore his final aligner from the first series night-time for 4 weeks and then we had the new (second) series of aligners to fit. 

Final Records

Treatment is finished after the second series of aligners.  Total treatment time was 13 months.  Fixed lingual wire retainers are in place and he also wears a clear plastic removable retainer on his upper teeth at night to keep the back teeth in the correct positions.  This growing boy wore his aligners and his elastics really well – both are critical to a successful result in a short period of time!