Explanatory Information

When the upper jaw sits back compared to the lower jaw normally there is a benefit in trying to move the upper jaw and teeth forwards. There are basically two ways to do this. One involves the use of a reverse pull headgear / protraction facemask. This is best undertaken around 8 to 10 years of age. The other option is jaw surgery and this is often best undertaken at the completion of skeletal growth – 17 to 18 years in females and later in males.

Both of these approaches have advantages and disadvantages. To determine the best approach speak to your orthodontist.

This young man had treatment at 8 years of age with an intra-oral fixed expander and a reverse pull headgear. Normally the headgear is worn at night and within the home. In this case the patient decided to wear the headgear to school as well and he achieved a terrific result. Compare the x-ray which was taken prior to starting treatment with the headgear to the clinical photo that were taken after the headgear treatment was finished (12 months). He has now gone on to further orthodontic treatment with braces. Without reverse pull headgear treatment at a young age he would have required jaw surgery to get his teeth to meet in his early adult years.

  • frontal smile after treatment
  • Right Buccal After Treatment
  • Lateral Cephalometric X-Ray