Pre Treatment

The adult upper lateral incisor teeth are missing. The adult upper canine teeth are going to be substituted for the missing lateral incisor teeth.

  • Center Pre Treatement
  • Left Buccal Pre Treatement
  • Lower Occlusal Pre Treatement
  • Mouth Smile Pre Treatement
  • Right Buccal Pre Treatement
  • Upper Occlusal Pre Treatement

Post Treatment

The upper canine teeth have been trimmed (both side surfaces and the tip of the tooth) so that they are closer to the size of the teeth they will replace. As the canine is often darker than the lateral incisor tooth it is also bleached so it becomes the same shade as the adjacent teeth. Tooth coloured (composite resin) filling material has been added to the canine teeth form the correct shape.

  • Centre Post Treatment
  • Left Buccal Post Treatment
  • Lower Occlusal Post Treatment
  • Mouth Smile Post Treatment
  • Right Buccal Post Treatment
  • Upper Occlusal Post Treatment