This patient has a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate. She has had 3 courses of orthodontic treatment as part of her treatment and presented as she did not like the finished result and her smile. Two teeth are missing and these have been replaced with an upper removable denture.

Working with a Prosthodontist (crown and bridge dental specialist) we decided a further course of orthodontic treatment would be of benefit to provide symmetry to the upper teeth and position the teeth to enable placement of fixed restorations to give an improved aesthetic result for the patients’ adult years.

The CT scans show insufficient bone to place dental implants without further bone grafting which can be problematic in already grafted zones.

Finished Orthodontics

Braces have now been removed. They were on for 10 months. Dental symmetry of the upper teeth has been improved so that fixed restorations can be placed as ideally as possible.

Restorations Placed

The Prosthodontist has placed fixed restorations to the upper anterior teeth. You will note the increase in tooth display achieved and a fixed upper lingual wire retainer. The patient is much happier about her smile!